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Picking SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo for you Fire Damage

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

Burned White house with windows and door destroyed Fire Damage

A fire on your property can create destructive and violent results. Even though the damage is large or small, you never hear a homeowner say that they are happy it happened to them. 
Our technicians at SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo arrive on site quickly and give you the benefit of having a company with certified technicians working for you. Extensive damage created from the fire; professional restoration services is your best choice. Here at SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo we make sure to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition in the quickest most efficient way possible. Especially with smoke since it can reach into cracks and crevices throughout your home, leaving soot residues behind, staining surfaces, and causing odors to damage a variety of materials within your home. We use specialized deodorization and cleaning methods designed to restore your property. Our technicians will help you manage your insurance paperwork and communicate with your insurance company on the restoration of your home.

The types of smoke damages that can happen to your house

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Black background with white smoke around it Smoke Damage

Some San Luis Obispo homeowners could not tell you what smoke damage can do to their homes, let alone what differences exist between various types of smoke after a fire near them. Our trained technicians have the expertise and the education to quickly access your property following a fire to make determinations such as the type of smoke damage to ensure the appropriate equipment is brought on site to restore the home quickly.

When it comes to understanding the difference between smoke types when you experience fire damage in your home won’t help you resolve the situation any quicker, but it can help to narrow it down for those experienced enough in restoration to make a significant difference fast.

Wet smoke damage produces considerable smoke, which can seep into fabrics, furniture, and other areas not directly impacted by the spread of the fire itself.

Dry smoke is often the opposite, with its cause coming from rapidly spreading fires burning at very high heat. The spread of this situation produces a thinner smoke and a powdery residue. While much of the unaffected surfaces can get cleaned with traditional solvents and detergents, these types of fires often require our SERVPRO professionals to utilize controlled demolition techniques to prepare the area for reconstruction.

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo offers reconstruction services.

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SERVPRO logo in orange with a black background SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo

Many of our customer know that SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo is remediation company but what they don't know is that we are also offering reconstruction as well!

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo is excited to offer restoration and reconstruction services to our community after experiencing any kind of damage to their property. Having a damage occur in your home is never a good thing.

Especially when you don’t know where to start or who to call. Down below is brief experience of what to expect with working with SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo:

In the beginning one of our expert inspectors will come to your home to inspect the damage and provide you with an estimate for the needed services. Once the estimate has been approved by either you or your adjuster our office staff will schedule with an appointment to start the work. They will work and communicate with you throughout the whole process. After the work has been completed, our technicians will continue to work with you and your insurance company to make sure we have completed the job to your satisfaction.

Different ways a water pipe can burst in you home.

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

large puddle of water under several pipes Broke water pipe

Pipes can burst in any type of home whether it’s a new house or old house. The result of a pipe bursting can cause major flooding in the home and structural damage. Here are some causes as to why pipes can break:

Make sure that the pressure in your water pipes is correct. An increase in the water pressure can cause for a pipe to burst. If you suspect that your water pressure has increased, it’s best to check it out immediately. Grab yourself a pressure gauge and attach it to a sink. The pressure will move the needle on the gauge and display the water pressure in PSI. If you are unable to check it out call your local plumber.

Pipes that aren’t secured well within the walls can burst if they are unstable with an irregular amount of water pressure. If it sounds like they are clanging against each other, it’s called water hammer. Over time the pipes will become weakened at the connections until the water pressure is too much for them and it causes the connection to disconnect, and water will then escape and within minutes the entire area could be flooded.

Homeowners that have properties that experience cold temperatures during the winter always have a fear of that problems may start to happen to the water pipes in their house. There are times that the water flowing through the pipe can become frozen. With ice having more volume than water, once frozen it will expand with in the pipe causing an increase in pressure. Once the pressure continues to build the only way for it to escape is to force its way through the weakest section of the pipe.

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo

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black and white SERVPRO logo SERVPRO

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo is thankful for the fire fighters out there that are protecting our communities and giving us peace of mind.

With having local wildfires, it can lead to areas nearby smoke in the air. This can bad air quality in the area until the smoke has been cleared. In the meantime, SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo can offer air filtration services and equipment that can make the environment you are in better.

Using our professional equipment in your house, office, clinics, and basically any enclosed area that may have smoke air quality can help you feel more at ease until the fires have minimized. We can rent out our equipment anytime 24/7 if you’re in need of them. Anytime we have a local wildfire near us we always get an abundant number of calls to rent out our equipment to our customers. SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo is always happy to help people in our community in order to make them feel at ease.

Tips on preventing some water damage to your property.

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

two story white house with red roof tiles water damage

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo has helped many commercial property owners and homeowners with water damage done to their property. It may be from a tree falling on your house on a rainy day to something simple like a leaky window. Sometimes it can be prevented if you schedule maintenance to your property liked the examples listed below:

  • Maintenance to the roof: Where rain is concerned, the roof is the first line of defense. Have a roofer check out your home every five years.
  • Repair to damaged windows:  Proper window installation and maintenance is imperative. Modern windows are fitted with wells and drains designed to help direct water outside the house. Improper caulking can prove disastrous by sending water into the house that should be draining away from the window.
  • Clean rain gutters!:  Schedule a licensed professional to clean gutters annually. A clogged rain gutter can send water cascading down the exterior wall, which can result in water entering the interior walls.
  • Divert down spouts: In a quick run to the local hardware store, homeowners can find a black, plastic corrugated 6-inch hose that fits around the base of the downspout. This device carries water away from the house, preventing it from seeping down into the foundation.
  • Clean away debris:  Especially during spring and fall seasons, when the area’s great trees emit pollen in tumble weed fashion and drop their leaves in mass, it is critical to diligently sweep outdoor surfaces weekly, especially patios and door wells to prevent the collection of debris clogging exterior drains.

First home time buyer tips

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

inside a house there is a door mat with first time buyer First home time buyer tips

Being a first-time homeowner does not come with an instruction book especially when it comes to making sure you have proper insurance. But not all insurances are the same.

Buying any home insurance once you have purchased the home is great but just buying any insurance is not so great. You must make sure that the insurance covers what you need and do not. It varies depending on where you live as well.

Usually, a policy will cover the actual dwelling and some of the other structures on the property, such as a fence, garage, patio, or driveway. Personal property is usually covered as well. This includes the contents inside the home, although you may need to pay a bit more in premiums for high-value items like jewelry or paintings. You will want to make sure this is covered in your policy.

Especially natural disasters are the one area that can cause some problems, as not everything is covered, and you often must buy separate flood, hurricane, or earthquake insurance—especially if you are in an area that is highly susceptible to these disasters. You also may be able to lower premiums by better protecting yourself against damage, such as adding storm shutters, reinforcing your roof, or buying stronger roofing materials.

What are IICRC Standards and Role at SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

IICRC Logo IICRC Certified

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo technicians are certified with IICRC. IICRC is Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They have standards and roles that our technicians follow.

What are IICRC Standards?
According to the IICRC website: The IICRC is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) member and accredited standards developer. ANSI is responsible for overseeing the development of national consensus standards and verifying that the requirements for due process, consensus, and other criteria for approval have been met by the standard’s developer.
What is IICRC’s role as a Standards Developing Organization?
It handles all the procedural work involved in developing the standards, which involves many steps including: putting together a Consensus Body (committee of volunteers who write the standards); administering the online workspace; scheduling and organizing all web and in-person meetings; coordinating the public review process; conducting the Consensus Body approval ballot; addressing any appeals as needed; editing the document; getting ANSI approval; and then publishing the final standard. As one of the first organizations to serve as a resource to others in the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry, they are set out to create a set of best practices—or standards—to connect our industries together. Their standards serve to develop common, industry-accepted language that enables any users to discuss concepts and procedures more universally regarding cleaning, inspection, and restoration.

Why you should pick SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo!

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo Logo in orange, white and black colors SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo

When your home or business has had some kind of damage water, fire, mold, etc, it can be difficult to find people who genuinely understand and who want nothing more than to help you get through this situation. 

You can trust the professionals here at SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo. With our knowledgeable technicians here on your side, we will provide an unbeatable customer service experience that you will not find anywhere else. Our project Coordinators will walk you through the damage and will thoroughly explain the plan of action at the beginning of the loss. You can trust that SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo will take you in the right direction that is best suited for your specific needs.

Our staff is always available throughout the job process to answer any questions and address any concerns you have about the process 24/7. We fully understand the difficulty of seeing your home in a damaged state. That is why here at SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo we treat your home as if it were our own and we will treat you as if you were family.

At the end of the project, our Lead Technician and Reconstruction Coordinator will walk you through the project and will discuss the reconstruction steps with you to bring your home back to its former glory.

The process of estimating a commercial or home fire damage property

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Black soot around wooden beams in the attic Fire Damage

Fires are one of the most common disasters to strike personal to commercial properties, especially in the central coast. We have had our fair share of large fire in our area. However, every year in the U.S., there are over 100,000 fires, with fire damage losses to commercial properties exceeding $2 billion every year. Generally, the damage estimate is done by either the insurance field adjuster or a qualified Preferred Vendor. If you have had significant fire damage to your property, you will need to make an insurance claim. If you do not have insurance, your restoration expert may find you low-cost options to reduce the cost of the damages. In widespread fires like wildfires, there may be disaster grants available, too. Insurance companies and restoration experts work closely together to ensure high-quality standards, but each may have different goals. When you choose SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo to do the assessment, their goal will be to get you the highest-quality restoration. In many cases, items can be restored instead of replaced. This can help keep a place looking more authentic, along with saving items that you would prefer to keep. SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo will have a much better idea about what their custom soot and smoke cleanup solvents will be able to save and what must be replaced. The estimate process should be transparent, and you should ask any questions that arise as it is explained to you.